Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I just placed an order! How long before I receive it?

All products are usually shipped 24-48 hours after the order is placed. Once we ship your item it may take a few days to a few weeks. Usually you will be informed on the shipping time when the order is placed.

I ordered 2 items, why did I only receive one?

All orders are shipped separately, so don’t panic. Each will arrive safe and sound, but at different times.

What does “being processed” mean?

We have received your order and are preparing it for shipment

I placed an order, but didn’t receive a confirmation email……….What is going on?

Please check your SPAM folder to see if the email found its way there!

Oops….I messed up my shipping address, can I change it?

If this happens to you, please email us ASAP and we might be able to help you out. However, we can’t make any promises especially if the order has been shipped.

What’s your refund/exchange policy?

If there is something wrong with your order, then return it within 15 days and we will replace it or issue a refund.